How to Increase the Traffic and Sales on your Amazon Product?

The equation to calculate your sales is straightforward: user traffic x conversion rate.

So to increase sales you need to increase traffic and/or conversion rate of your product. The article will discuss how to do both, but as a spoiler our research shows the biggest factor in increasing sales is improving page rank.

Page Rank

Page rank is the most important factor of sales. Improving page rank so you’re on page 1 for relevant keywords matters more than anything. About 90% of all clicks happen on page 1 of search results. Reaching page 1 is necessary to having a great selling product on Amazon.

To reach page 1 you need to optimize your listing and boost your listing. We will discuss optimizing your listing in further detail, but to boost it we recommend The site lets you setup a campaign and within 2-5 days your products will rank on the page 1 for the keywords you target.

Optimizing Your Listing


In the past the more keywords a title had the better. However, we have officially outgrown that stage and now our title no longer has to look like a mess of words stuffed together.

One thing that you should always take into consideration when writing your title, is to make it as precise as possible. No one has time to read a long title. Therefore, your title should not surpass 150 characters.

If, by any chance it does, then it is likely that Amazon might suppress your listing. You might notice this, since if this were to happen, your product will not appear in the search results, thus bringing no revenue. Therefore, if you notice the “suppressed” sing in the Inventory section, shorten your title.

If you want to check if your product is indexed, type in the keyword in Amazon along with your ASIN. Example: Shirt+B004OWML5C. If it doesn’t show up then your ASIN is not indexing for that keyword.

When constructing a title, there are five things that you should always take into consideration:

  1. It should never exceed the 150 character limit
  2. It should describe the product precisely
  3. There should be no grammar or spelling mistakes
  4. It should include the three main keywords with the largest search volume
  5. It should include the name of your brand

Here is an example with a non-existent company, so that you may better grasp this.


Let’s say that our company manufactures footwear for pets, or more precisely dogs. What we need to do first, is look up which keyword has the highest search volume. We can do this by typing the keyword into the Sonar Tool – a free tool. If our search shows that our keyword has high search volume, we continue to use that one. Keep researching variations of strong keywords, comparing the strength of each, and choose the strongest phrase.

After we have selected our main keyword, we need to construct a good title. It’s helpful to include the brand name. In our example, let’s say “Dog Shoes” was the strongest phrase and our brand name “Dog in Boots. A good title would be: “Dog Shoes by Dogs in Boots – Footwear Perfect for Dogs and Puppies, which can withstand the weather conditions of every season”

Now it is time to put it through our five step evaluation.

  1. The title does not exceed the 150 characters
  2. It accurately portrays the article we are selling
  3. There are no mistakes in grammar or spelling, and the title is very easy to read and understand
  4. It includes the keywords with the highest search volume in the title
  5. The brand name can also be seen in it. However, make sure you don’t put the name of your company first, but rather the main keyword.
  6. One other thing that you should also consider is the phrasing. Make sure the title reads nicely, and don’t go using superlatives, because no one likes unoriginal titles.


When putting your product on Amazon, something which is of vital importance and can make or break a sales is the price point. Therefore, make sure you put the right price for the right product.

Amazon allows you to put a list price and a sales price. It’s helpful to use both fields because you can anchor the shopper that the value of the product is the list price, but they only have to pay the sales price. However, make sure that the difference between the two prices is not enormous. Shoppers aren’t stupid and if your price is $200, then don’t make the sale price $20. This just makes it look like your product is faulty. Then again, if your product is $200 and your sale price is $180, a buyer would be able to save $20 dollars, which is much more believable.

If your product is new and has less than 20 reviews, it’s helpful to sell your product at a lower price. This way you can attract and convert traffic without having social proof that your product is great.


Although, it is your title that puts you in the search bar, it is the photos that wheel people in. At this point in time, Amazon sellers have 7 photos which they can use on their account. Therefore, you have seven attempts to try and convince them to buy whatever you are selling.

How do you do this? Here are some tips on how to improve your traffic with your photos.

  1. You need one main photo. This photo should be on a white background, and it should take at least 85% of the frame.
  2. You also need three photos that showcase the features of the products, such as the characteristics, textures, finishes. These are important, because the buyer needs to be able to examine the product better, since they cannot be there to feel it in person.
  3. Finally you need three more photos which present how your product is used, what are the benefits as well as the guarantees.

If you are interested in the more technical side of the photos then who better to ask than Amazon. According to Amazon your photos should have the appropriate format such as TIFF, JPEG, GIF and PNG, the pixel dimensions of the image in height or width should be no less than 1000, the color mode should be appropriate as well, either RGB or CMYK, and finally the file names need to include an identifier of the product (Amazon ASIN, 13-digit ISBN, EAN, JAN, or UPC), then a period and a file extension.

Do not use any spaces or additional characters in the name of your file, since this might lead to your file not being able to be uploaded online.

If you want your main photo to be eye catching, then you should also follow these instructions. Firstly, the photo should be professionally made, and it should include the product you are selling. It should be a real photo and not an illustration or a drawing of the product. Secondly, the main focus should be on the product, therefore don’t include any other object that might take away from it and confuse the buyer. Thirdly, the photo should contain the appropriate colors and should be professionally photographed with the appropriate lighting. If your products include Books, Music or DVDs, then the cover should be on the entire image, filling 100% of the frame. However, if your product doesn’t fall into these categories, than it should fill 85% of the image, as mentioned previously. In order to make the product stand out more, make sure the background is white, and doesn’t contain any additional distractions in the form of a text or other images. Finally, materials of explicit and offensive content are prohibited.

Since, we have learned what our main image should look like; it is now time to talk about the additional images. When looking into these, we can notice that the criteria are more or less the same. The first thing that we need to make sure is that the images portray our product. As we said previously, the product should be professionally photographed and lit. It is alright to use other objects, if they help us showcase our product. Instead of having a white background, here you can choose a different color and setting for your background, you can use text and other images, as well as explicit and offensive content. Just as with the main photo, the product, together with the other objects should take about 85% of the frame or more.

How do you get an image or images to be worth a thousand words? Well, there are two ways you can go about this.

The first one is to let the professionals do their jobs. Therefore, if you want your photos to look professionally made then hire a photographer. This way you know you are getting a good photo, and you don’t have to try to be a photographer yourself.

However, if you would rather try it yourself then maybe try to learn how to make a DIY lightbox that can capture the color and texture of your product. Then again, you are in luck, since we are living in a world where phone technology is so up to standards, that you can easily take a great photo with your phone camera.

Bullet Points

After the buyer finds you due to your catchy title, and sees you professionally done photographs, it is now time to impress them with your bullets. When looking at a product, the one thing that the person buying it wants to know is if the product is worth spending their money, and even more, if they are getting something more.

This is not something to be surprised about, since it is only human nature, and every human being reacts similarly. Drew Whitman the author of Ca$hvertising explained the eight key points that will get customers interested in your products. The first is the enjoyment of life, then the enjoyment of food and drinks, followed by the absence of negative feelings. Then follows the sexual companionship, the comfortable living conditions, as well as the need to win, keep your loved ones safe, and receive social approval.

This is something that companies include in order to make their products more appealing. In other words, people already know what a certain product, let’s say a perfume is used for, therefore, you don’t need to tell them again. What you need to do is make the product more appealing, and instead of showing them what it does physically, show them the biological benefits.

The description

Just as your key points, the description should also appeal to the biological side of people, but since we have already talked about that, it is now time to talk about the formatting of the description.

It is important to remember that people like to read easy, coherent and cohesive texts. Therefore, use HTML so that your text can be easier to follow, instead of being just a block of words. In order for us to make it easier for you to use HTML, here is the HTML code:

  1. <b> which is used to start writing in bold
  2. </b> which is used to stop writing in bold
  3. <p> which is used to initiate a paragraph break
  4. </p> which is used to stop a paragraph break

Although writing a text like this might look unappealing in Word, try to paste it on Amazon, to see the magic of it. If you want to make your article even catchier, don’t forget to add a “call to action”.

Search terms

Amazon also offers you the ability to enter 250 additional characters which you can find in the edit section of the “Keywords” in your Seller Central. Since this box is not viewable by the buyers, go ahead and use what you are given. Remember not to repeat the same keywords that you used in the title, since they will not bring you additional traffic. If you need help finding suitable keywords use Sonar Tools.

Keywords from Pay-Per-Click

If you are not using this, then you should definitely give it a go. This will not only help your product reach the first page of the search bar, but will also optimize your traffic. Therefore, what you need to do is find which keywords have an Advertising Cost of Sale below 25% and check if you can somehow include them anywhere from your title, to your description and backend keywords.

Fulfilled by Amazon

When on Amazon make sure you use FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon), which in the long run will put you in the run for Prime 2-Day shipping. Another plus to using this is the fact that it is something that Amazon prefers, since it brings them larger revenues. However, you also have a gain in this, since it increases your traffic and brings you closer to the first page.


One of the most important things that every shopper checks before buying a product is the reviews. Admit it. You do it to!

Don’t worry we are not judging you, since it is something that everyone does.

The reviews are so popular since they are comments and experiences or real people who have tried the product. Typically a product will experience an increase in conversion rate once it hits 35 to 50 reviews.

To get reviews we recommend sampling your product on It’s free to list a product on the site and will help move units quickly to start getting reviews.  

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