Maximize your Amazon Traffic in Four Short Steps

By the end of the year, half the households in the United States will have a Prime Membership. It’s a huge opportunity for merchants. The more traffic will equal more sales. This article will discuss strategies to increase sales by increasing traffic.

Page Rank

What page your product ranks on for relevant keywords likely determines the success of your business. Amazon shoppers click on a product on page 1 more than 90% of the time. So if you’re not on page 1, shoppers likely aren’t buying your product for that keyword.

Ranking on page 1 is a factor of the Amazon algorithm deciding your product is relevant for that keyword, sales, and conversion rate. If the Amazon algorithm believes your product will convert, it will reward your product with more traffic by giving it a better page rank. It can take months to improve your page rank.

One service that is proven to be effective in ranking products on Page 1 in a few days is Honeyfuel. The site if full of case studies if you want to research.

Backend Keywords

One important thing that you have to remember when selling your products on Amazon is to take note of what keywords you use and where you use them. Just like when searching on Google, keywords are the way to go if you want to find what you need, or if you want people to find your product.

What you need to know:

  1. You are limited to 250 characters on your backend keywords – so choose wisely
  2. Your keywords in your backend listing are meant for Amazon search while your title is just that, your title.
  3. Don’t use trademarks in your search, but use your own if you don’t want Amazon to suspend your account.

Useful tip: If you don’t know which keywords to use, than a useful tip would be to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and type in the keywords that you would normally use if you were searching for your product. We also recommend using Sonar Tools. It’s free and give an indication of how popular keywords are on Amazon.


Amazon’s Algorithm is your friend

The Amazon algorithm determines page rank and therefore has a massive impact on the success of your business. Although, it is not important to know every detail of the Amazon algorithm, you should definitely have a general idea, and what actually goes in it. Here are a few tips:


  • Price: Change your price every two months or so, so as to keep your listing more recent.
  • Availability: Always remember that the number of products left in stock can be seen by the customers. Therefore, they will know the reason for the pricing of your items.
  • Selection: Although, sellers may assume they know what people are searching for exactly, don’t be fooled, since this is Amazon’s most guarded secret
  • Sales history: Your ranking is based solely on your percentage of sales, since Amazon’s main interest is which products bring the most money.

The Right Price is Key

Although, everyone wants to make more money, we all have to take a step back and look at the reality. Nowadays, everything is so available that you can, more often than not, find it for a cheap price. If you are just starting out, it is probably better to opt for a lower price, since the more sales you make, the better your chances of getting closer to the top search results.

Another thing that you also need to take into account is what product is the most popular at this moment. We are not talking about what product has made you the most money, since that can be an item that was famous in 2000, but no longer is. So when talking about popularity, we are talking about the things that are trendy now, and the things that gain you more views at this moment.

Finally, the path to becoming a top seller on Amazon may not be smooth, but if you take these steps into consideration, it is an easier journey to take.

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