Is it better to place an item on the wish list to rank better in Amazon?

Some sellers are asking if putting an item on a number of wish lists can make their item rank better on Amazon. Is it really true that doing this is much better rather than making an effort to think and search for the most powerful keywords to make your products get on top of the search results? How does this really work?

If you had read the terms of service of Amazon, there is really nothing stated there about wish lists. However, we all know that when you add a product on a wish list, it could actually mean a boost on your item’s ranking on the list. In this article, I will shed some light whether wish lists have an effect in optimizing an item.

Yes, wish list seems to have an effect.

Well, let me tell you a story. A few years ago, there were these search engine optimization experts who reaches out to Amazon sellers claiming that they can make their keywords land the first page of the search results without doing any advertisements or promotions. Sounds unusual right?

My friend and I were both intrigued so we decided to give it a try and see if what they are claiming is for real. We tested a few products and we were asked to choose keywords. We were also advised that after three weeks, our items must now be on the first page of the listing. And so we did.

After three weeks, we checked on our items and to our amusement, our items are on the first page. They actually landed number six on the list. With our limited knowledge in optimization, we were really surprised because we had never seen our items go as high as top six in the ranking. We searched on possible ways how they made this happen, and this is what we found. In the subcategory of our items, it was indicated there that it was on the list of most wished items.

We haven’t seen the whole picture how those experts made it happen, but we are sure that part of their strategy was putting the items on the wish list.

What do wish lists really do for your items?

My company and I made a thorough research by analyzing more than 1,019 listings on the top search results of different most wished for items. We made a run through different categories, from crafts, to gadgets, to baby items and many more.

We studied each most wished for items and we tried to look for the keyword that is relevant to these items. After which, we checked if these keywords would land on the first page of the search results. Out of the 1,019 we analyzed, we found out that 595 of these items landed on the first page with their corresponding keywords.

We were able to conclude then that 58% of products that are placed on the wish list lands on the first page of the search results, and 73% of these products actually land a spot on the top 5 of the listing. Isn’t that amazing?

I cannot say that putting items on the wish list is a sure way for your product to get on the top results of the listing, considering that wish lists are regularly updated and some items go on and off the wish list.  However, after doing all those experiments and researches, I could say that items get a bigger chance of landing the first page if they are included in the wish list and if they have the relevant keywords.

Before I end, an important piece of advice that I could give is that you need to understand the different algorithms of the market in order for you to design an effective marketing strategy. Another is make sure that your product is of good quality, people will surely love and look for it, that way, you won’t have to worry on getting your product in the wish list.

How to rank on page 1 following the rules

Ranking on page 1 is a factor of the Amazon algorithm deciding your product is relevant for that keyword, sales, and conversion rate. If the Amazon algorithm believes your product will convert, it will reward your product with more traffic by giving it a better page rank. It can take months to improve your page rank.

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